Stand Up For Pits with Rebecca Corry Classic unisex V-Neck Tee

Stand Up For Pits with Rebecca Corry Classic unisex V-Neck Tee

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These 2014 Stand Up For Pits with Rebecca Corry tees are soft, comfortable and on SALE!! 

Stand Up For Pits with Rebecca Corry events are incredible. Saving lives through laughter is truly as good as it gets. You don’t have to be a Pibble lover or proud parent to one or several to come laugh and make a difference. Many people attend these events who don’t even have pets but understand that animal abuse and discrimination effects us all and want to be a part of ending it. Stand Up For Pits events have been selling out cities around the country for 6 years and we are honored to support hard working pit bull “type” dog nonprofits around the country doing all they can to educate, advocate and save lives. Stand Up For Pits events include incredible silent auctions, merchandise for sale, Pibble adoptions (which have placed many dogs in loving homes) our SUFP Donation Drive, which last year raised over $25,000 worth of supplies helping countless shelter animals in need. The hosts, performers and experience lingers long after the event is over.

Past and present performers include; Adam Sandler, Rosie O’Donnell, Janeane Garofalo, Tig Notaro, Jeff Garlin, Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings, David Spade and many many more. The real crowd pleaser… and who the people really come to see…is the velvety queen herself, our Angel. People line up with their dollar in hand waiting to meet the magical hippo in the kissing booth she has made so famous. Watching the thousands of people all over the country who love her and have been inspired by what her inherent goodness has created is truly inspiring and a reminder that good people far outweigh the bad.

The energy and vibe of the entire event from beginning to end is something extremely special and we are so proud to share these experiences with our many supporters nationwide and witness the level of passion and dedication these humans have to making much needed change in our society. The abuse and discrimination of pit bull “type” dogs is intolerable and the abuse and needless lives lost is horrific and dark but on these nights at these events, we gather as one voice for the voiceless and celebrate our inherently good dogs through laughter and positivity. 


-tri-blend short sleeve v-neck

-the BACK of this shirt only has STANDUPFORPITS.US on it

-50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon

-please read and follow washing instructions!


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